PRAGNA Systems is offering affordable High Quality Engineering across several industry domains, including Automotive, Consumer Electronic, Professional Electronics, Automation, Manufacturing Systems, Software Engineering and Medical Devices.

PRAGNA Systems is your reliable partner for technology services, product development services, product design services, project outsourcing, software and hardware engineering, out contracting, consulting and product engineering services. We call this Technology Sourcing, Integration & Development Services.

Our Value Proposition is to offer affordable engineering intelligence on a high quality level according to international standards within global distributed excellence teams. Currently we have two locations. Our headquarter and engineering center is located in Germany, easily accessible in the vicinity of Frankfurt airport, Germany. Our second engineering center is located in the pronounced IT- and technology Hub of Pune, India.

We can make a difference and we make it to work by leveraging our knowledge in managing Transnational Teams with a focus on Customer Expectation using a thorough cross-cultural understanding and excellent, state-of-the-art process management. We have a profound structural approach! We know and deeply understand that to deliver services for customers we need to be totally local in all aspects of business, local sales and marketing, local customer relationship management. We offer a single point of contact, local project management, the required level of local senior technical staff for architecture & design and legal presence. Thus we can promise to provide flexibility in team size together with lower cost of engineering using more engineering power per day to optimize your concept-to-cash cycle.